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Full Stack Developer

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Job description

You are passionate about developing clean, easy-to-consume APIs and know from your own experience what the needs of a frontend dev are and are keen on satisfying them.

Moving on the Frontend, you are able to ship production-quality mid-level tasks such as implementing UI with minimal behaviour.

Job responsibilities

  • Implement the APIs in GraphQL (and/or REST) that support the features to be implemented in the frontend

  • Reason, design and finally implement backend features starting from the database layer and finishing with the web / API layer

  • Implement starting from design specs the frontend UI and behaviour

  • Work in a dynamic, agile environment to ship features exhaustively and on schedule

Job requirement

  • Experience designing and implementing APIs for consumption by a Single Page App.

  • Experience with implementing UI elements with a modular approach focusing on reusability

  • Comfortable and calmly working in a fast-paced environment, with strong collaboration and communication skills

  • Knowledge of working in an agile team (SCRUM)

  • Knowledge of version-control systems and workflows (GIT)

  • Excellent interpersonal skills, the ability to work independently and prioritize work

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English

  • PHP (any modern MVC framework), MySQL, Modern JS

  • Bonus/Nice-to-have: Laravel, React, GraphQL

  • Bonus of the Bonus: Minimal DevOps knowledge: docker, deployment automatization, dev environments