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Lead React Developer

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Job description

You are passionate about developing and designing the architecture for progressive web apps with highly-interactive UI using React and ES6. You are a highly organized individual that can turn product documentation into workable technical specifications for the team.

Job responsibilities

  • Deliver high quality architecture based on the product documentation

  • Use a bleeding-edge tech stack to ship maintainable features

  • Coordinate day to day operations by collaborating with less senior members of the team

  • Collaborate with the Team members working on the backend to ship production-quality code

  • Contribute on the project design & architecture

  • Collaborate with UX and Dev Lead to ensure project deliverability

  • Participate in roadmap planning / estimation / user story workshops together with PM.

Job requirement

  • Experience with developing ReactJS SPAs

  • Experience with writing modular ES6 code in a clean, readable, and maintainable way

  • Experience with writing CSS in a modern, modular fashion(SCSS, BEM, css react components).

  • Working in a agile team (SCRUM) using a version control system (Git)