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Senior J2EE Developer

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Job description

Planning software for mostly healthcare organizations: financial calculations, hour management, agendas, selfrostering, matching the best employee.
A 3 tier web application available as SaaS solution deployed on AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform on a multi-tenancy setup.

Job responsibilities

  • Work on developing and improving the Backend of an enterprise multi-tenant web application
  • Work together with the frontend developers in implementing the views of the application and sharing best practices for Rest

Job requirement

1. Programming Languages: Java SE 1.8, (Groovy is a plus)
2. Version Control System: Git
3. Database: PostgreSQL, MyBatis, (Liquibase is a plus)
4. Knowledge of RESTful Web Services is required (Vert.x 3 toolkit is a plus)
5. Knowledge of BPMN Standard is a plus (Camunda platform)
6. Experience with Agile development is a plus
7. Experience with JUnit